Brave Rewards not transferred to Uphold account in July

Hi, I’ve noticed that my Brave rewards were not transferred to my Uphold account on the set date which was 6 July. Is there a delay in processing these? I have Brave installed on 3 devices, my iMac, Macbook and iPhone and all 3 have not paid out. The Rewards on my iPhone show below 5 tokens, could this be the reason? Thank you!

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 06.49.33|605x500

Hello friend @vincentraffray I think there is a little bit of a delay. Let’s use the main thread below to avoid delayed responses.

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My PC has not transferred yet but my Android phone gave me the option to collect so will wait awhile longer for my PC to catch up and if nothing happens I will reach out to support for help. Hopefully today it will be in as I would like to transfer some BAT to my bank account.

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