April rewards not paid to Uphold in Windows, Android App crashes in moment of collect - skipped to May, multiple bugs

Dear support,

March rewards that were meant to transfer yesterday (6th April) still haven’t been paid to verified Uphold account up to moment, and now Brave says my next payment date is 6th May. Please fix due payment dates and correct Android App, which crashes without reason in the moment of collecting payment. Please don’t disapoint users that trusted you.

PC Windows 7 Professional SP1
Brave Browser Version 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (64 bits)

Same here. Two months now that is delayed (on march, all BAT of February have not been transfered to Uphold, and same thing this april for BAT earned in march). This happend on two computers (Windows). I always have the latest version (most recent is 1.22.71 on both). Only one device with Windows 10 have been transfered to Uphold and it’s a beta version.


Check the status of payout via the link below. They are still processing it.

Hi, I have not yet received BAT for last month as well.

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