Claimed March 5th 2021 Brave Rewards Not Appearing In My Uphold Account

Again, I claimed my rewards for March 5th, 2021 and again, it was not transferred to my verified Uphold account.

I have a Windows 10 machine and I have the latest version of the brave browser

Hi @nuboh8 these are still processing and may take a day or two more. Thanks and sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the reply. It’s day 3 and it still not in my Uphold Acount

. Is it still processing or is it the overarching issue that was reported in this forum that seems to affect a lot of brave users over the last few months?

If the status that’s showing here is green and you are not paid yet, so you’ll need to report.

It says Payment Complete in red. Is that true because its still 0.00 in my verified Uphold wallet.

Same here. I was receiving the payments for seven months without problems but never received the March 2021 payment. I wrote Steeven twice but no answer.

same here!! not working brave patments

Thanks for following up. We’ve just deployed a fix! The fix is currently in Beta and will be in Release version next week. This was an elusive bug and I really appreciate your patience here. Once the fix is in your entire balance will port to your Uphold wallet and will continue to do so as you earn new BAT. Thanks again for your patience here, I know that it’s been incredibly frustrating.