April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

I had the same problem as you but it got solved today


If it helps Anybody, my April Rewards came up as a Claim button right underneath my March rewards claim button. so it looks like everything processed smoothly this month! :slight_smile:


Glad it worked for you. I think the issue is, for some cases, Brave rewards are transferred to the Brave wallet and stuck there (not automatically transferred to Gemini in some cases). Dev’s are working to resolve the issue.

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Looks like dev’s and team working hard to resolve payout issues.

Yep, I think you can still do so. But, for me, I clicked claim anyway as I assume the coins will either be transferred to (and stuck with) the Brave Wallet (similar to the March payout), or automatically transferred to my Gemini account (similar to the February payout).

Gemini verified wallet user here. Still no BAT for April.
It was saying “on it’s way” for several days but it has stopped and the BAT has not been delivered…

Still, no March rewards and it is 12th of May plus April rewards just gone, disappeared !!!
I got (only) 0,25 BAT from February !!!

I have not received my Brave rewards to my Gemini wallet since March. When looking through the logs (brave://rewards-internals/), the following logs seemed to be recurring for the past few weeks (probably months):

[28 Mar 2022, 9:35:28.4 pm:ERROR:refill_unblinded_tokens.cc(194)] Failed to get signed tokens
[28 Mar 2022, 9:36:37.8 pm:ERROR:credentials_promotion.cc(503)] Token list empty
[28 Mar 2022, 9:36:37.8 pm:ERROR:gemini_wallet.cc(51)] Claiming tokens failed
[28 Mar 2022, 11:05:18.4 pm:ERROR:publisher.cc(774)] Publisher info not found

Not sure if anyone know what’s going on and when can we expect an update on our missing BATs.

So I FINALLY, clicked the claim on both my March and April rewards, giving me a total balance of 7.25 BAT in my rewards account as I’ll show in this picture, which amount quickly went to zero as I have a verified Gemini account, and I presume the money is on its way to being deposited into my Gemini account as we speak, but that also why I took this screenshot; just in case. Does anyone know approximately how long before the money should show up in my Gemini account?

Took mine about a day and a half… the anticipation (dread) nearly gave me a heart attack! :wink: Since it is the weekend here in the USA, it may take longer…? Don’t know why it should if it is an automated system but who knows! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck. :smiley:

Question was already answered! Money has arrived in Gemini account! :slight_smile:

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Yeah! :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe I just tried at a busy time and it just took that long to process. Glad your received your rewards!

Since WHEN does Gemini have a (No less Than 25 BAT can be withdrew at a time policy?) I used to always transfer it into my Coinbase account after it deposited into my Gemini account, and I went to do that but it said the Minimum BAT withdrawal is now 25.82 BAT? Has anyone else heard of this or know of how else I can transfer my 7.25 BAT from my Gemini account to my Coinbase wallet?

Oh really. No idea when they did this. I just hold them and put them in earn - 1% interest is 1%. lol I wonder if it has something to do with the market price of BAT atm? Is the free transfers still available? Maybe it is more cost effective for them to do higher $amount transfers at a time?

I’m not sure how to transfer it? i think i used to always just get the receive BAT address from my coinbase account and enter it in the destination address of the withdrawal page on gemini?

Yes, that is what I do when I transfer between different exchanges/wallets. Since BAT is ERC-20 and Coinbase accepts ERC-20, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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@Kurg79 Have you seen the below post? Did you submit a ticket? The moderators and community members posted that in several topics. You may have just missed them. There are actually three variations of the same post: one for Gemini, one for Uphold, and one for Unverified Rewards. I posted the one for Gemini since this is a Rewards (Gemini) topic. If you haven’t received your rewards from previous month(s) payout(s) and/or May’s payout, you should submit a ticket. Hope this helps!

yes i did create a ticket. do i believe it will help? NO !!!
people here are waiting for a year to any response, the account is flagged…and support only ask to wait.

if something is broken, and it looks like every moth there are problems with rewards, then this whole thing simply don’t work or is to hard for a team.

@Kurg79 I do hope you receive your payment soon. It has been a nightmare for those who seem to be “permanently” caught up in these payout issues. I have experienced problems myself but luckily mine were resolved (mostly) with the fixes. From my experience and other posts, Brave does get you your payout eventually. Not much comfort now for you or others still experiencing payout issues. Hopefully all will eventually receive payouts and Brave will fix the Rewards payout problems permanently! Here’s hoping anyway.

The only instances I have seen where Brave does not payout is when Brave permanently bans a user for fraudulent activity. I think those users are notified via email after they submit a ticket.