Haven't received rewards in the past two months, March and April

I have been using Brave since January, and I was getting rewards for each month up until March. I didn’t get rewards for that month, so I waited for next month, and now there is no rewards for April. It said i had some BATS but I don’t see them on my gemini wallet.

For this month, May, so far I have 1.056 BAT, and has been stuck that way ever since. I browse pretty frequently.

Is there any issue recently? I didn’t have this issue before

@steeven @Mattches

I am also suffering the same problem in my (2) year old account.

I received every month payment till February.

They told me I would receive my full payment in uphold this month.

But still haven’t received ((( MARCH, APRIL & MAY))) payment.

Can you please submit a ticket to us using the following link?

Please use the subject line “Missing May 2022 Gemini Payment” — nothing more, nothing less. This way it will be easy to spot and tag these so they don’t get mixed in with other issues. Appreciate everyone’s help and understanding.

Use the following link to submit:

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