Adding more slots to the home screen

**Description of the issue: I can’t add more than 12 sites to brave’s homepage (“Quick access”) **

I found similar post in the forum but im not sure they are talking about the same feature , they refer about the most visited tab on the home screen , but im actualy interested to the one that you manualy select the site Best sites > Favorite it is possible to add more then 12? i realy love the main dashboard and want to keep all my links in there .

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave V 1.29.81

Nice , i read all the post in there and seems like brave increased from 6 to 12 top site recently. but unfortunatley this is not solving the issue , as the last person pointed out on the github post i need more . Apparently in the post you linked a guy pointed out that Firefox new tab topsites might be what i’m looking for . but i hope to see the change made in brave , more “freedom” of customization is what this browser is all about so i thought some creative persone made a workaround . but i guess im one of the few wierdos who need at least 24 little boxes on my homescreen to feel fulfilled in life .

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The good news is, as @JimB1 pointed out, there is an open issue here for this. That said, it may take some time to implement as we have many NTP/dashboard improvements/features in the works. You can track work being done on the dashboard here:

Additionally, I’ve added your report to the open issue as a “+1” on your behalf.

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