Brave Browser Deleted Itself?

My phone has been low on storage (90% approx) for a while, and I’d been planning on moving files but hadn’t gotten to it. However yesterday when I went to use the Brave Browser it was no longer on my phone. Had been using it the previous night, but I never deleted it. Woke up yesterday and it was just gone.

I’ve lost all my tabs and I need them. What can I do to get all this information back?

Are you sure it’s uninstalled and not ‘Hidden’ somewhere on your device. I had seen people posting similar things but they found it eventually to be in Game space or some other folders created by the OS.

Also sharing your OS version
OS type
Make & model will help.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m certain it’s no longer on my phone. I checked Play Store and it gives me the “install” option, which is only possible when the app is no longer installed. .

Phone Model: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

OS: Android

Thats is very weird. I will tag @mattches to assist.

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Any word from @Mattches?

I do have plenty of storage but earlier today Brave was just gone. We made our garden a internet free zone, no mobiles, laptops or tablets. I spend 2 hours in the garden and during that time the app disappeared. But only on one phone a Xperia 10iii Android 13.
I still use my old phone a Xperia XA 2 running on Android 9 as remote, hotspot and to sync Brave. Apart from the RSS feeds I added to Brave News I could recover all my other settings, bookmarks, passwords and so on.
Without the old phone I would have lost everything because i don’t own privately a. Laptop or desktop. An option to at least export/import the settings to the device would be great.

After waiting in vain, I’ve reinstalled Brave from Play Store and everything is back. Very odd, but I’m pleased. Perhaps, Brave was running an update and the phone died while it was doing so?

I don’t think so. Cause brave doesn’t / shouldn’t auto update on androids unless you have it enable in the play store. I’ll tag @mattches to assist about how to narrow down the chances of this happening again. Thank you.

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