My Rewards flagged

Hello everybody!

I get flagged and 7000 BAT disappear appointing to see the balance in UpHold.
Only there is an amount of 1384 BAT in the current Brave Browser.

So I’ve just created a user in Brave Community and after read the topic: “After an entire year of Brave Rewards not working, I get FLAGGED” So I am here opening a ticket to solve this issue.

So what are the next steps?

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Mr. Sam, Sam, Samuel Guimarães Lima

You will have to raise a ticket at

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Other users are facing the same. Follow this post, maybe it helps you

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@SmartyAadi I’ve opened a ticket in the support Brave Help Center. Thanks for while.

Waiting a response soon.
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@rodrige , YES I have a Twitter account, so I’ve done what you and other people’s Brave community suggested:

So now, I am keeping going on the wait of a response soon.



I would suggest removing the info like email and other contact info from your original post. @Saoiray could you please remove it?

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Mr.Mss. J from Brave support team,
thank you very much for solving the issue. Now everything is correct. The workflow gotten correct the balance pass by to the Uphold wallet.

So, if someone are getting the same issue:
Try some topic in Community Brave > make your setting adjustment > if got flagged in some wallet transfer: try open a ticket if in a few days do not got unflagged so > if not solved the issue until now open a ticket and interact with the Brave support or use the Twitter Brave Support account @BraveSupport

Thanks again!

KInd regards,

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