Any way to see if we are flagged for "suspicious activity"? (0.000 BAT/ No ads issue)

When updating my browser to 1.22.71 the process froze, and I had to reboot. Since opening Brave and completing the update, all my wallets across my users (Profiles for personal/work/spam browsing) now read 0.000 rewards and 0 ads shown. Prior, it was working fine with my Uphold account.

Attempted remedies: I have toggled ads and ad frequency across profiles, created and deleted profiles to see if they’re ad-enabled (they were not functional but give no indication that they shouldn’t be, but they play no ads), rebooted the computer, toggled the VPN, discon/reconnected the uphold wallet, checked notifications, and re-authorized my browser and creator accounts.

Recent changesI’ve recently gotten more active at promoting and using the program, and

-I’ve linked my android’s brave account, as well as creator accounts for my youtube channels too. (My uphold’s been verified and in-use without brave integration for a few months, and up until now has received BAT without issue.)

  • Linking my Uphold to both the phone and creator accounts may have flagged it if my VPN was active from different addresses each time. It removed and reauth’d it and no change has occurred.

  • The failed update seemed to cause the change. While updating upon close (MacOS version), it hung for about 15 minutes before I initiated a forced reboot. Upon reboot, it failed the version check, then completed the update. It’s now on v. 1.22.71

So, before I try to roll it back to my fully functional previous version, is there a way to see if I was flagged for suspicious activity? Seeing nothing but 0.000 across all my rewards tabs lead me to suspect it’s not a bug. It wouldn’t surprise me to have a few of my VPN provider’s addresses flagged on some naughty list somewhere, and my accounts getting the scarlet letter from it.

The balance shown below is from my uphold account and previously bought/traded BAT.

Hopefully this topic can be of use to anyone with a similar issue.


Maybe they’re cracking down on reward wallets per device and if that’s the case for profiles, they should share one wallet across all profiles instead of issuing a soft ban or at least prevent you from creating additional wallets

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I don’t think that’s the case, currently I have two profiles actives in my laptop – the main profile and one for test purposes – both have the rewards enabled and till this moment both seems to work normally


Add another for confirmation :joy:


Hi, @Kyle_Mirage_02, there are a few different things you mention in your post that could be wreaking havoc on you. I suggest contacting steeven in a DM, after you read the post here:

When you DM @steeven, send screenshots and any information you can, be detailed. Also explain your thoughts on what could be reasons you think you might have been flagged for suspicious activity. It may take some time, but you should be able to clear it up. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Flagged for “suspicious activity”?! What? Is this why I’m not allowed to get back my rewards?

I have ~166 BAT that was waiting for me in the creator’s account, until we hit next month’s payout date I won’t know if it’s depositing or not. From what I can see logging in, it’s working fine.

I’ve only inferred that it’s possible to be flagged for “misuse” which, like it seems to always turn out online, only really catches the normal users who coincide with a profile.

I’m not sure how to see if we have been flagged, since we don’t really put in an email address when we install the browser. Seems like they kinda assume we’d either quit using it altogether instead. I guess I’m glad it happened now, I’ve heard iffy things about actual BAT payouts if you end up with anything more than a couple bucks worth… if this isn’t a technical issue then it’s a good note before I announce to my subs that this awesome, whiz-bang browser works great!

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