Trying to withdraw from "Crypto Wallets", insufficient funds?


I recently moved about 220 BAT (~$62) from my Uphold account to this new feature I saw called “Crypto Wallets” on the main ribbon. This process went about smoothly, but my plans for the tokens changed and I wanted to send them to a different wallet.

When I try to send them from Crypto Wallets, it says “Insufficient funds” under Transaction fee, despite me having about $60 in tokens above the listed fee,

If I try to click next it’s like the button is greyed out, but I can click cancel.

Is there something wrong? I can’t see why I would have insufficient funds when I had just moved the money in prior.

Did you have ETH to cover the gas fee?

I didn’t, I thought it would take from the BAT like when I initially moved it in. Do I also need to hold ETH in the wallet to move it back out?

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