Antivirus suspicion

My antivirus suspects brave browser for downloading it from the official website in this link:

This is the message:

what anti virus do you use? maybe if it is third party it can say…Maybe.

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Hello, I spoke about something similar in this forum. It is a false positive.

How do I know that is a false positive?. In the past it was detected by two antivirus, later by three and now only by one. See what I mean? The browser is updated and the detections change. I’m not saying that your antivirus is bad, I’m just saying that in this case it is a false positive

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Bitdefender Interenet security

Bitdefender? I’ve heard of that antivirus. In the Virustotal link you can see that BitDefender does not detect it.

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Can it be because of once I have installed the browser on my PC?

Do you still have the installer? send it to

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ok thank you for your help

Of course, that’s why we’re here for :grin:. Although I still have not been able to help you at all.

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so you say that it is not dangerous?

Hello, in first place the file that i sent to analyze in virustotal was from a month ago (outdated), so there are some differences.

Regarding your question: it’s up to you,

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Now I again downloaded it and its alright now ( without any suspicion)

Ok, good to hear. If you think that the problem is resolved, you can close this topic. If you need help again, do not hesitate to open a new topic or if you prefer, send me a message.

Greetings, Markook

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excuse me how should I close this topic?

Hello, you can mark an answer as a solution. The topic will not close, but people will know that there is already a solution to this topic

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It’s already been discussed here Downloading Brave is blocked by Bitdefender
and Bitdefender blocks BraveBrowserSetup.exe as infected when downloading!

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