Bitdefender blocks BraveBrowserSetup.exe as infected when downloading!

Why is the latest version of Bitdefender blocking any download of the latest version of the brave browser from the official brave browser web site as “infected”? The .tmp file that is used for the download is immediately moved to quarantine by Bitdefender and downloading fails.

Both the 32 and 64 bit versions are infected.


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It must be a fake alarm, if you still have doubts use the scanners of

Hello, @FlightControl. Does BitDefender offer any additional information? Typically the application will tell you why it is blocking an app. Any input would be greatly appreciated. For example, we’ve seen some security applications block Brave on account of Tor or blocking lists. These have always been false positives; Brave has never shipped a malware-infected build.

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Bitdefender marks it as “Gen:Variant.Ulise.139849”. The file can’t be submitted to, because Bitdefender blocks the download well before completion.


Thirteen engines detect this as Gen:Variant.Ulise.139849 at Virus Total . Here’s what Bitdefender reports -

The file C:\Users\mE\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Cache\f_00731b is infected with Gen:Variant.Ulise.139849 and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean. Please advise - 13 is too many.
Thanks - Bill


I also had this problem while trying to use Brave for the first time ever, quite disappointed…

And as far as you said earlier, yeah, 13 are too many “false positives” in Virus Total. Below is my image for the detection of Bitdefender Total Security 2021:

There was one guy in this topic used Virus Total to scan the file and detected in 13 engines, not so sure about the result since I cannot upload the file which has been deleted by my Bitdefender.

Well, when I downloaded brave and scanned it with virus total it didn’t give me any detections but almost 7 months have passed since that, so I’m not sure about now.

I renounced downloading Brave today because of this. While downloading Bitdefender identifies there is a threat with named : Gen:Variant.Ulise.139849. Path: C
After a quick search it is indeed a malevolent adware.
Why would Brave team sabotage their product this way ? It’s baffling.
I hope there is a clean download soon so I can try the navigator.

Sorry all you Bitdefender users, I use Avast premium and didn’t have any issues. I run scans constantly with Superantispyware and about 10 other on Demand scanners and none of them have found what any of you are stating.

BitDefender is not new to false positives, see
On the whole, I don’t trust this closed-source antivirus.
Anyway, @sampson had better contact Bitdefender Support to report the issue.

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I use Avast antivirus too and it didn’t detect any viruses, even if I scanned “brave software” folder manually

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I use Eset and it doesnt detects nothing, i checked the installer from a month old in virustotal and only one detects something. (Antiy-AVL, the same antivirus that detects malwarebytes installer as dangerous)

You guys were speaking about 13 AV detecting Brave, would be so kind to send the link from virustotal to check that information?

As per my previous post , 13 engines at Virus Total did detect this as Gen:Variant.Ulise.139849 . While it is possible these 13 were showing a " false positive ", I reported what I found in the hopes Brave admin/developers would take a hard look at this topic . I didn’t take a screenshot while at Virus Total and I regularly delete my surfing History so I can’t submit any visual proof . I did delete the “infected” file just to be safe and have had no ill effects . Both Brave and Bitdefender are top notch products and I will continue to use both . Hope this helps - KEEP ON ROCKIN’ ON BRAVE BROWSER AND IT’S FAITHFUL USERS !!


Yeah, that antivirus software detected the Installer since time ago. Check my first topic about this:

Note that we’ve submitted a request to Bitdefender (among others) for Brave to be removed/whitelisted (since we’re certainly not malware :slight_smile: ).

@JohnDproof as long as you got the .exe setup file from an official source, you should be safe to whitelist it/add an exception for Brave in Bitdefender settings.

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@Mattches no, no, I don’t have any problem with brave, only posted this because someone was talking about 13 detections. besides I don’t have any doubts that detection is a false positive.

I has been using brave in my pc without an antivirus and everything is working like a clock :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand:

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