The installer of Brave is detected as a Trojan by Antiy-AVL (mechanism used in VirusTotal)

Description of the issue:

As seen in the image, the Brave installer is detected as a Trojan by a mechanism built into
I consider this can damage the trust with newer users since this protection service is used by many people

How can this issue be reproduced?

1. Download the browser for windows 64-bit
2. In the file section, click on the “choose file” button and insert the installer.
3.Observe the results

Expected result:
Brave would be marked as clean by ALL antivirus, but that does not happen. To be clear only ONE antivirus / antimalware detects it as a Trojan,

Brave Version( check About Brave):

It’s the installer, I don’t think the Brave version matters. But anyways, it’s the latest stable version

Additional Information:

I consider this to be an error of Antiy-AVL itself, since none of the other remaining antiviruses considerer the installer of Brave as a threat. But well, I don’t expect the developers to do something to fix this, it’s more to keep you up to date on this issue.


Thank you for reporting. I’m forwarding this information to our security team to review and resolve. I believe it goes without saying that we are not a Trojan and this issue has sprung up ever so often with different A/V software.

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We’ve reached out to Antiy-AVL to request Brave be whitelisted in their system given that we are not a Trojan.

Again we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

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@Mattches Of course, it was quite obvious that this was an error of their system itself since no other antivirus detected it (example: high quality antiviruses like Kaspersky or ESET Nod32)

This project has a great future, keep working as you are doing! I wish you guys the best

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I know that it took very little time for this to be solved, but I want to alert that another mechanism began to detect it as dangerous. In this case Jiangmin detected it


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Thanks again for the heads up – I’ll be looking into this today.

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@Mattches Of course. Anyways, in both photos you can see that there is a message in the community section

Clearly the malware (that u can download in that page) comes, for some reason, with the installer and maybe that’s the cause of the detections

For anyone who is seeing this message, DO NOT download anything from there. Although clicking on it is not dangerous, malware is uploaded to that website.

“The MalShare Project is a collaborative effort to create a community driven public malware repository that works to build additional tools to benefit the security community at large”
This is found here
For paranoid people who prefer not to click hyperlinks:


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