Virus Total detects trojan in Brave installer

I just downloaded the Brave browser installer and scanned it with Virus Total. One of the engines found the following: Trojan[Exploit]/Win32.ShellCode.
Please advise.

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Thank you for reporting. I’ll be reaching out to Arconis to inform them that Brave is being flagged as a false positive. As long as you downloaded the official Brave release from our website or Github, you are perfectly safe installing/running Brave. We’ve had this happen before with other A/V companies.

Hello, two things:

1- That antivirus company is known to me for its many false positives.

2-That company detected brave for a long time. Months ago two antivirus detected Brave, Antiy-AVL and another one. The detection of the other antivirus disappeared but the detection of this antivirus persists


Ok! Thank you very much for your help!

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