Trojan in the browser

so recently i heard how secure and good etc is brave so i decided to download but i want to be safe so i checked in virustotal for viruses and here is what i found

anything to say?

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Yes, don’t allow others to dictate your software, Brave is open source software nothing to hide unless it’s in plain sight

I just posted about a pop up virus that keeps on showing up in my browser on my cell phone. I wonder if this has to do with it?

If you downloaded from an unofficial source I would be suspicious of the installation file

i checked the 64 version for windows and it say that but i think it false positive detection let me ask @Mattches from the team to check that and contact with
Yandex the one who report that
and have a nice day everyone

Please ensure that you download Brave from our official website or our Github repo. If you did download from an official source, what you are seeing is a false positive that happens rather frequently.

I will reach out to virus total (again) and inform them of this. That said, I can assure you that (again, assuming you downloaded from an official source) it is a false positive and there is no virus/trojan in our source code.


Olá, eu tive a mesma ideia que você, fiz a verificação no virus total e deu o mesmo resultado (a yandex indicando um trojan no instalador do brave).
Pensei que algo estava errado, exclui o instalador, baixei novamente do site oficial e fiz uma nova verificação. O resultado foi o mesmo. Me arrisquei e baixei mesmo assim, depois fiz uma varredura completa no meu computador com antivírus malwarebytes e nada foi encontrado.
Peguei o executável do brave depois de instalado e verifiquei com o vírus total, e nessa verificação, nada foi encontrado (ainda falta fazer com resto dos arquivos).
Achei bem estranho pois nunca ouvi falar dessa yandex e ela detectou um trojam mas outros como kaspersky, malwarebytes não detectaram nada.
Creio eu que seja apenas um falso positivo.

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I have used brave for a while now, official version. I uninstalled the app.

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