BAT lost from Android Wallet when Uphold was verified

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Description of the issue:
This happened last month but I haven’t found a solution for it. I noticed that the Brave app on Android finally had Uphold integration so I thought I should verify my account so that I could finally access the BAT on the Android wallet. Once I did that I noticed that the BAT in my Uphold wallet was shown and didn’t get added the amount I had in the Android Brave Wallet. I figured that maybe it would take a while, but after a month it still hadn’t shown. How can I access the old wallet on the device so that I could potentially recover that and then send it another way (if that’s even possible)?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I can’t reproduce it

Expected result:
The balance in the android wallet would have been transferred to Uphold once linked in the Brave Browser wallet

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.18.78, cr87.0.4280.141

Mobile Device details
Samsung S8

Additional Information:

Guess that BAT is gone. Too bad there was about 200 in there and that’s not a negligible amount. Wouldn’t hurt as much if I hand’t attempted in the past to get that BAT out of the android app but couldn’t find a way so had to leave it.

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