Wallet reset to zero with reinstall on android phone with no option to reconnect to uphold

Had to reinstall brave on my android phone due to persistent software glitches but now my rewards wallet for my phone has been restarted from zero with no option to resync it with uphold or option for pickup of previous wallet.

Hi @JTester ,
Unfortunately there is no way to recover your BAT if you reinstall brave or format your computer/device unless it was connected to a verified Uphold account.
Also since you’re on Android, you’ll have to wait till your wallet reaches 15 BAT before you can connect to Uphold again.

It was connected to a verified uphold account but theres still no option for it. There needs to be some kind of log in, sync option or contingency for updates and reinstalls, especially with all the bugs this browser has that can/will occasionally require reinstallation. It’s a ridiculous lack of foresight that there isn’t something already in place for a browser loudly boasting its utilization of BAT to incentivize its use.

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True brother they must allow us to reconnect to our previous collected BAT account on Android also. If they can make such an app then its not a big deal for them. Its a long needed feature.

Hi @JTester
I see now. Yes you need 15 BAT before you can connect your Android wallet to Uphold. This will apply to new wallets as-well. So after a reinstallation you’ll need to acquire the 15 again before you can connect to Uphold.

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