Request/Suggestions about some productive browsing experience

Hello there… I have some suggestions regarding Brave Android App which will make this app more productive and easy to use:

:black_circle: If address bar can be used as search bar then why there is a search icon :mag_right: present at the bottom (May be at the task bar)? This place can be used for something more useful.

:black_circle: Home page can be made more useful by allowing to add some quick access bookmarks instead of only 4 recent pages.

:black_circle: Forward and Back button should be placed at some convenient place (like the task bar where search icon is placed uselessly). We need to go to drop down menu Just to forward any page makes no sense.

:black_circle: A icon to switch between simplified reading mode and normal mode will also be a useful addition instead of getting a notification type Alert each time I visit a website.

:black_circle: A browser which boasts about its ad-blocking efforts and techniques shows its own Advertisement and make agreements with Facebook, Twitter and Google to whitelist them (according to CNET news) looks like a Joke. Search anything on Google and you will see Advertisement at first. (Although use of any ad blocker in any simple browser will give you a better ad blocking experience. I am not willing to name any third-party app here)

There is too much to suggest but anyone wants something doesn’t mean everyone wants the same thing. So posting these suggestions in a hope that I successfully gave you reasons to consider my request. Looking for some positive response and wishing you a better future… :slight_smile:

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