On tab design - too sharp?


First off, I feel I may be nit-picking. I enjoy the UI of brave with the address bar more centered and fading out, and the tabs below. It makes it a more calm experience. I also like the Brave icon functioning as the shields menu.

But I can’t help but feel that the tabs are a bit… rough/sharp.

In this shot it works well, the tab seems to belong to the page. The rest more or less fades away though there are some softer lines and slight contrasts.

Here it seems to stand out a bit. It doesn’t quite match anything and is just a sharp block of white.

Here I feel it’s even less a whole. The lighter grey of the address bar, the darker grey of the tab bar, the orange of the active tab and then the colours of the page.

I’m a relatively new user of Brave so I’ve only known this interface. But I’ve seen some screenshots of previous iterations, and somehow they seemed easier on the eyes. There was a bit space around the tabs and the slight rounding made it more soft, less contrasting.

The current design is no doubt more space efficient, but perhaps there is some sort of compromise? I’m not visual designer, I just wanted to offer my 2c.



Thanks for the report! I’ve shared it with our internal team.

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Thanks for putting this site together everyone… My feedback would be along the lines of tightness, and being easier on the eyes as well…

The menu buttons (ie file, edit, view … etc) are super tight on the top, almost to the point of looking like they are almost cut off (so touching the edge of the screen) yet there seems to be a bunch of space around the address bar… I took a snipping shot here

perhaps that helps, or maybe it is just a custom setting somewhere? not sure, but just a suggestion.

I’m a Brave new user.
Please consider implementing a toggle for the “standard” address bar location (tabs on top). I’m not sure why some s/w developers feel the need to reinvent the wheel; you’re not alone in this unfortunately.
It’s an ergonomic issue: having the tabs right at the edge of the screen makes it much easier to click through tabs because you’ll need to be mindful of the horizontal movement only, while with this layout, you’ll also have the vertical position of the mouse cursor to manage.
Still related to tabs - a toggle for turning off the tab “preview” on mouse over on an inactive tab.

Hi @craposaur,

This one logged here and I added your comment as +1

You can disable tab preview by toggle the switch in Prefereces > Tabs > Show tab previews on hover.

Hope this can help answer your request and question.
Thank you,

It does, thanks.
As soon as this tab position option sees the light, I’m going to make Brave the default browser.