Android Beta Builds are Live!

We have an all new Beta version of Brave for Android.

You can find it here :

For those of you who are enthusiastic to see the latest and greatest of what we’re up to, we’d really appreciate it if you gave it a try and let us know what you liked, what you’d change, and if you encountered any issues.


Yes im in :slight_smile:
Keep up Good Work!

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And how do you link brave , to the beta?
Will our balances be transferred? Or are the two separate? So double rewards?

@Dd0318820 for now you’ll have 2 different wallets. In the future you’ll be able to sync your Rewards data so you can use single wallet across devices.

What are the new features in beta

In the settings for ads, it says “allow ad conversion detection”, however, you cannot check the box.

I would like the option to do more than 5 ads an hour, if possible. Or to get more BAT for watching either more YouTube videos/ or length of time you watch a video.

It doesn’t matter if you pick 5 ads per hour you won’t actually get 5 an hour but you will get the maximum. That’s what I’ve found anyway tbh.

this is amazing, sync -> Android, Laptop, Desktop
Keep up good work!