Brave version 1.38 on Android

Hello! Yesterday (27 april) Brave Team anounced that they realeased Android version 1.38 wich now support Gemini exchange. For now i don’t have the option to update the Brave Browser app in Google Store. I’m wondering when it will be availabe to update? I need to sell my phone in a few days and i want to transfer all my BAT’s to my Gemini account.

It can take some days that google is reviewing the update, after that i will be released

Oh, ok. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Adrian07 Can you check again? It’s available for me on Andriod 11. And I verified with Gemini as well. Rewards moved over in less than 10 mins.

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From where are you? I didnt get the update

I’m in India. May be try to clear cache of Google Play Store, just in case.

Nope still nothing for me

Ok. My bad, it can take 24-72 hrs. You should see it in next couple of days. What is your Android version (just curious)?

It is an old phone so it is android 9 unfortunatley

Android 9 is not that old. I have one with Lollypop :sunglasses:.

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I’m from Romania. I have Android 11 too on my phone. I tried to clear google store cache but i still don’t receive any Brave Browser updates.

Did you already verify your android wallet with Gemini? Did it worked?

Well then you have the older one :smiley:

No first I have to make the update, which is not in my play store until now

Don’t worry. It has come for me, it will come for you too-

same here not seeing brave update option on android

Probably we need to wait a few more days

i also live in india and i am not seeing this update

can i please ask about which android version are you using?

I replied before. It’s Android 11.