Brave logged into Google and Brave not logged into Google

I have a few questions.

I am being more careful with my network at home.
Brave shields wayyy up, DuckDuckGo Search, VPN, PIHole for DNS Server to start.

I do use Google services but I don’t like the idea of being singed in all the time.
I’d like some good practices to follow and ideas to implement which is why I’m here.

If I use a Private Window in Brave, am I safe cosidering that Brave is forked off of Google Chromium? Can Google still see me through my online status outside of the Private Window?

Should I use another browser soley for Google services? This way my Brave browser, which I like, can stay completely signed out of Google services.

Oh, btw, I like shields to work and my LastPass exension to work in my ‘other’ browser screen. I doubt that is possible.

Can I have two instances of Brave, one for private browsing and another so I can access Google services without having to sign in/sign out? I know I can probably create a new instance easily using the menu, but I would like to have two icons on my desktop. One for Google Free Brave and one for Google Brave


Hi @ken8

What you are talking about is sandboxing your browser experiences for specific purposes. Here is a good article on sandboxing to start, like virtual machines, separate programs, different browser applications.

You could use Chromium or FireFox with security features enabled for purely Google related stuff and then use Brave for everything else to separate your browsing data into different programs.

The private window simply doesn’t keep cookies, browsing history etc.
Here is the info page about Private Window

If you decide to use the Private Window to access google, it won’t block your IP Address but every time you close the window everything retaining the state of things like your login will be erased and you will have to log in again next time you open the browser, which is fine, just letting you know.

Here is some info on the Brave Private Window

If you don’t want anyone to see your IP address you can use the Brave Private Window with Tor. This will greatly increase privacy over the internet, even though there are technique for people to track over tor etc, it is immensely hard to do so and would need major resources to accomplish. It slows down the internet a bit because of the nodes you have to pass through over the Tor Network, but it works well.

Here is information on the Brave Private Window with Tor

All that being said, whenever you log into google they will know its you because you logged in and whatever information they have on their servers of yours is still in their database e.g. E-mail, Google Drive, Google Docs, YouTube. So, nothing is perfect but the sandboxing thing might be something you can think about and is pretty easy to implement because all you have to do is choose which programs you want to use for which purposes.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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