New feature request

i have to manage 4 youtube accounts and i cannot do it on brave because it only shows the same account logged in when i change tabs. can you isolate youtube to only one tab?

Have you tried creating some profiles in Brave???

I haven’t tried. Does this only work for the desktop

Profiles is the way to isolate things in Chromium, and to be honest, it is way better than what Firefox offers with containers, since it is truly isolated environments and when you create profiles you can open links in different profiles just by right clicking and choosing where to open links. Plus, since Brave has the native adblocker you don’t need to install uBlock on every individual profile, which is the most annoying part, you can use sync on different profiles to get your passwords and all that easily though.

But yes, it is only available in Desktop, for mobile you would have to use different versions of Brave, like Stable, Beta, Dev and Nightly.

There is a trick to be able to access two different storages, which could contain different login information by just refreshing the page, but that’s never an ideal workflow, and it is something only available in Desktop as well.