Brave Privacy Protection-"Unlinkable Bouncing" for more protection against bounce tracking

This new update seems to be pretty insane if the claims made are true (which they are). Quite interesting stuff.

Can the ‘first-party ephemeral storage’ be used to make something like Multi-account Containers? Afaik, the current privacy/security protections brave (along with chromium) already solves the MAC issue. At present, I need to use a new private window in brave to log in with more than one account on the same site (domain) at the same time.

Not sure if possible, private window mode should be enough here? What are you trying to do, log into several accounts?

Yes, log in more than one account at the same time.

Eg., a person has two gmail accounts, one for work related and one for personal use. So the individual needs to use gmail with two accounts at the same time. He can ideally do it by using private window. Or in normal window-use one of them, log out, and switch to his second one, gmail makes it easy to switch multiple accounts.

But still, if MAC functionality is brought to brave it will be pretty cool.

Gmail actually is pretty easy, since it has its own gmail account login manager. I have 5 different gmail addresses and work fine in separate tabs. But yeah not every site will have something like this.