An error occurred while checking for updates

Is there any way to solve this without reinstalling brave?

Restart brave & the device and try again.

I have done so when I got the same and this did the trick

It’s been happening from more then a week (I think). Tried restarting serval times but didn’t help.

please help, If I reinstall then all of my BATs will be lost. @SmartyAadi @Saoiray

@Sidd you can download Brave again. So it seems that’s Nightly, get it from

If you make sure not to uninstall and you just simply download on top, this will serve as a manual update and you won’t lose anything.

After complete reinstall following instructions in
Fix Common Problems>Why isn’t Brave updating automatically on Windows,
AboutBrave looked good. But one day later, the “Update check failed” message is back.

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