AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages obstruct tipping

There are a couple of Brave/BAT community forums, and I wrote a lengthy description in one of them. Now I believe it may be better suited in this forum, so I’ll share the link below:

Basically, I think we’ll need a way to say, “this subdomain actually represents a brave verified publisher located elsewhere.”

See the link for more info, but essentially the example is:
should actually allow tips to
which is a Brave verified publisher.

In this one specific case I may be easy to point to ampproject as needing to become verified and hence causing the hindrance, but I think this uncovers a larger issue. The same might be said for Facebook Instant Stories, although I won’t bloat this topic with further cases.

TL;DR: When I visit a Washington Post article, who is a Brave verified publisher, I get redirect to their AMP Project subdomain and am unable to tip them. We’ll need to think about how to lay some groundwork to solve this, perhaps have Brave use some canonical tags or something in order to determine the true “underlying” publisher.