Amount in Brave vs. Uphold never matches

I’m starting to think this is either an incredibly buggy setup or a s*am, or both.

Brave has, over the months displayed these huge payout amounts ($14, $9, etc.) but as time goes on I’ve only seen a paltry $9 end up in my Uphold account. I see no way to view prior history of rewards in Brave (which feels sketchy - how do I audit if I don’t have info?), and I see no transaction log available.

What gives? Where do my BATs go if not to me and not to sites I visit?

Here’s my current month on both browsers as well as the Uphold balance (from which I’ve never deducted anything):

screenshot-dt 2020-04-12 at 2.08.49 PM

screenshot-dt 2020-04-12 at 2.09.10 PM

Last month:

![screenshot-dt 2020-04-02 at 2.33.28 PM|369x272]

History on uphold:

It all seems very opaque.

Note that history shows just a month or two of activity. I’ve had Brave installed and serving ads since at least November.

Kind of disappointing and/or concerning nobody from Brave feels like addressing this.


Seems like other folks are having issues?

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