Alternate wallet address did not recover when resetting wallet

Good evening,

I created a brave wallet (and a secondary wallet)and imported in ETH to the secondary. When trying to transfer out all the transactions just got stuck in pending. I reset the wallet with my recovery phrase but the secondary address will not import in. I have created over 30 “secondary” wallets but none of the addresses match up so the wallet that I moved funds into is just “lost.” It was all created on the same seed phrase. How do I go about getting back to that wallet? I can see the funds are still in that wallet from etherscan.

@gamemaster , did you use a 12-word or a 24-word recovery phrase?

Yes, the recovery phrase brought back the main wallet. Then I added additional wallets but even after 30 additional wallets were added the one with the ETH in it did not come back. Originally it was alternate wallets #2.

Is your recovery phrase 12 or 24 words?

My recovery phrase is 12 words

@jocelyn, @onyb Any idea what could be causing this?

Any idea what could be causing this issue?

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