Opened a brave wallet / ETH address and using the recovery seed does not recover it

I recently created an eth address in Brave browser to play gods unchained.

Transferred some eth to it and downloaded my recovery seed. Started to play / buy / etc.

My PC shut down and after reopening Brave and using my recovery, it gave me a new address and now i can’t access my eth or NFT’s from the game.

Please help!

Can you clarify a bit what you mean when you say that Brave gave you a “new” address? Were you not prompted to log back into your in-browser crypto account?

@Mattches – I used BRAVE to make an ethereum address and used it.

After my PC restarted and i logged back into the wallet, it was a different address. And the seed (i saved previously when it was the correct address) only brings up the new empty “different” address.

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