(Almost) Any browser on my system runs only if I rename its .exe

Hello Brave users,
my problem is that Brave runs only if I rename its executable (C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser-Beta\Application\brave.exe) to something else, for example, brave_beta.exe, and relocate all of its shortcuts to point to that executable.
And everytime I update the browser, I need to remove the old brave_beta.exe, remove the directorery named after the older Chromium version, and rename the brave.exe to brave_beta.exe again.

And nearly every browser on my system behaves like this!
The other browsers that behave like this are Chrome and Firefox.

And the only browser on my system that does not behave like this is Opera GX.

Please tell me how to fix this issue with Brave, Firefox and Chrome.

Brave version:
Version 1.38.75 Chromium: 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Quite frankly, this looks like some kind of general system problem that is beyond the scope of browser-specific help.

But that being said, it’s likely that either your operating system got trashed somehow (e.g., thru wanton file deletions/‘cleanups’) or has been compromised.

If you’re running Windows 10 then I highly recommend making sure the system is fully up to date, and is running a reputable antimalware app like MS Defender. And then do a full scan as well as an ‘offline scan.’

I am running Avast Internet Security (Premium) on Windows 11.
I will try to do an offline scan on MS Defender and a full scan in Avast.
Can you maybe tell me what files can be probably corrupted?

A few months ago (approx. 6) something very similar happened with my machine in Win 10 64bits. I had 5 browsers installed and they went crazy working alone and crashing. of course the ram usage was very high. One day I decided to uninstall everything. before that disable Defender, Firewall , some applications and all extensions . I got an improvement but not a definitive solution. so I installed everything from scratch and did it one by one to see what the problem was (it was Brave and 2 unsupported extensions)…after all this work, my machine works as it should be, very quiet, very calm and always at the waiting. :hugs:


Start machine in safe mode, then scan for viruses.

I recommend running Malwarebytes. It has a 7 day free premium trial. It will do the work for you.

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