Changes to ad-blocking suggested in relation to Nimiq Blockchain URLs being blocked


My current issue is that Brave is blocking many domains related to the Nimiq Blockchain. While I understand that Brave may not wish to support browser mining, I think it’d be better done as a separate blocker (like how scripts and 3rd-party device recognition are separate in the Brave UI). However I don’t think the nimiq related URLs are being blocked due to choices by the Brave team, and instead are being blocked by EasyList/EasyPrivacy. I believe this is the case due to the following blog post however if the situation has changed, I would appreciate it if someone could point me at where Brave is currently getting it’s ad block lists.

I requested that the related URLs be removed from EasyList/EasyPrivacy, and while I didn’t expect them to do so (as many ad blockers block browser mining due to how it’s been abused in the past), I didn’t expect to be dismissed without any explanation. The problem can be solved in Brave by disabling the ad blocker in the UI (pictures included at the bottom of the post), but this is now something we have to tell every new user and even users who know they have to do so, will have to turn off the ad blocker on every site they visit that interacts with the Nimiq blockchain.

My initial idea is that EasyList/EasyPrivacy should be removed from the set of lists that Brave subscribes to for blocking ads, mainly due to their refusal to even discuss changes with their users (because I wasn’t expecting them to immediately agree with me and unblock these urls, just state their reasons and listen to my own), which leads me to believe further censoring issues could come about in the future with them. I can understand how this could be a bit drastic, especially given I’m now biased against them, so my actual suggestion is that Brave browser allow users to choose which lists are subscribed to and/or allow users to whitelist certain URLs to not be blocked. I think this would be a good feature for the future, as even if it’s not Nimiq, I’m sure users will eventually find things being blocked by any of Brave’s lists that they didn’t want blocked. It’s always going to be safer to block more than to block less, but I think we need a way to unblock certain things in that case.


The settings I currently use when visiting any Nimiq related site, and I have to turn off “Ads and trackers blocked” on each new Nimiq related site I visit.


What I see when I enable “Ads and trackers blocked” on most Nimiq sites, some sites having more URLs blocked especially since some of the seed servers for Nimiq are blocked as well.

Brave Shields settings aren’t much different than what the Brave Icon shows you when clicked, and “advanced” doesn’t reveal any further options. Here could be where the set of lists could be edited, or whitelisted urls could be added.

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