All My setting just reset to default all on there own

Hi, I have another issue. I’m running the latest version of the Brave browser. and all of a sudden after I restarted my computer for something unrelated to the brave browser and after I opened brave again all my settings and bookmarks everything was reset back to default. I have no idea why. But could you maybe tell me how I could get my settings back My bookmarks all the changes I made my extentions. I have not deleted anything…

Please help

Update…I fixed it. I have no idea why I have all these different Icons in the top right corner of my browser but there is a circular Icon and when I clicked it all the browser profiles are there. So I just clicked on profile 1 and they were all there. Is there a way to stop Brave from creating all of these profiles and leave just 1 there? So I clicked on prile 1 and it’s back all my settings everything


If you don’t want multiple brave guest profiles, then just keep the profile which you have bookmarks linked to and press the profile icon and delete the other profiles from there (be careful you don’t delete you profile !!). After that since you are the only user the icon will disappear, and when you create another one the icon will reappear allowing you to shift users.
Hope this helps
Good Day :smiley: