I wake up, jump on my PC and Brave is reset to defaults by itself. Why?

Hello everyone, just thought I’d chime in on my experience with Brave this morning 8/16/2019. I got up made the family breakfast then came to my work PC to start my busy day when I noticed that Brave was reset to defaults. Last night before bed I checked the usual stuff and nothing was out of place. But today its set to defaults as if I am trying it for the first time, not counting that it still has my Bookmarks and Home page set. But no Bookmarks Bar and all the settings were back to original defaults all by itself. Even all the add-on icons in the upper right corner were rearranged for some odd reason. In the 11 years I used Chrome it had never once done this to me. Any valid reason for this strange behavior?

PC is a custom built Ryzen 5 2600X, with 16GB of DDR4 running Windows 10 (fully updated), and running from a Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD.

Description of the issue: SEE ABOVE

Steps to Reproduce: Its only happened once this morning

Actual Result: Huh?

Expected result: To not spontaneously change the settings I have been using for over a decade… please

Reproduces how often: Once so far

Operating System and Brave Version: Windows 10 Pro b18362.295 and Brave v0.67.125 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: Thanks for a great alternative to Chrome, but please lets not change user settings spontaneously. I have not had my coffee yet, so maybe that might be the underlying cause??? J/K

Thanks and have a great day

Best Regards
Rod Gray


That certainly not intended behavior and I truly do apologize for any inconvenience. You mention that the icons for your extensions were rearranged – they are still there though, right? Did any of them get deleted? Additionally, can you tell me what settings, specifically, have returned to defaults? For example, do you have any previous browsing history, Autofill information, etc?

:point_up: Lack of coffee is the underlying cause for all the worlds problems, as I see it. :coffee:

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Haha, yeah tell me about it. I need caffeine, albeit not much to get me really working proper every day but I’m doing good now.

Certainly, things like font size, page zoom (125%), theme, bookmarks bar or lack there of were all back to Brave default. I still see History and Bookmarks. The extension icons were just rearranged almost in reverse, all of them, I usually keep the most used to the far left side as close to the address bar as possible, then the second most used is the 2nd icon and so forth, but this morning it was all backwards in reverse order. Normally I sleep the PC but I decided to turn it off last night, so not sure if that adds any pertinent info. Bookmarks bar was not enabled so I had to enable it. Bookmarks order as far as I can tell has not changed at all. And the Start Page I use is FVD Speed Dial and it was still set as the Start page, but since page zoom was back to 100% the order of my Dials were changed for obvious reasons.

And hey, it wasn’t much of an inconvenience so no apologies are necessary. It was more of a WTF moment imo. But definitely behavior we don’t want to have to deal with. Although my system is fairly new I just cant imagine it could be anything to do with hardware if you know what I mean. Every component is Grade A enthusiast class and only about slightly a year old or so. So it has to be Windows 10 or Brave somehow, or maybe that dang gremlin from the Windows ME days that took me until XP to get rid of, lol.

Anyways, what do you think? Fluke or something I should watch closely? Thanks again.


Thank you for all the information.
To be honest, I have no idea why your data seems to have “moved itself around”. The browser doesn’t really have the capacity to do this – especially not “half way”. If you want to reset Brave to defaults, its kind of an all-or-nothing operation.

Outside of someone in your home getting on your machine and mucking around with your browser, the only thing that comes to mind at this time is any A/V PC maintenance software you may have running in the background. Sometimes, apps like ccCleaner will sweep up some Brave data which can cause issues with missing browsing/profile data – however, again, it would be very strange for it to present in this way. Still worth looking into.

Last, can you tell me which extensions you have installed? We’ve had some issues with this in the past as well where extensions perform strange or irregularly – may play a part in this.

I’ve reached out to some team members for additional input on your situation as well.

OK Sure, lets see… I have Checker Plus for Gmail, Dark Theme for Google News, Google Hangouts, Google Voice, IDM Integration Module, LastPass Free Password Manager, Magic Actions for YouTube, Stylus and FVD Speed Dial. Something worth noting, last night I couldn’t get the Google Play Store working to install apps onto my Samsung Galaxy Tablet even though it said it was, so I thought I would install the latest Chrome to see if it would work from Chrome itself, but it did NOT work. It was a Play Services issue on the tablet instead. Anyway, could the reinstall of Chrome possibly do something to Braves data? Just a thought. Now that you mention it being extremely weird I am kinda taken back. My PC is never touched by others, hell no one even goes into that room (Office and Bedroom are the same thing to me) unless its a Ghost or invisible intruder, so that is spooky. And I’m single so no better half or GF to consider. My Cat Wallace is the ONLY one that could possibly have used it last night while I slept, and he really likes Bird videos, so maybe. Again it was in normal status as I went to bed in a room that is locked to the outside world, so only my Cat had access to it, or sleep walking self… Lol

Now I am VERY confused and I have been heavily involved with computers since the late 80’s, so yeah as I said “What The Frack”… Haha

EDIT: Oh crap I just realized I do have CCleaner installed. Err, should I remove it? I rarely use it anyway.

Maybe it was Wallace :cat2:
Not really – but that’d be an easy fix, wouldn’t it?

That’s a lot of extensions – too many to troubleshoot based off this at this time, imo. ccCleaner may have had a hand in this but that again would be a strange way for this particular to present itself. To be safe, you may want to add exceptions to ccCleaner (if you would like to continue using it) for any directories where your Brave data lives. Namely, the ~AppData/Local/BraveSoftware path.

Can you also tell me what theme you had installed and where you installed it from? It seems as though none of your data was erased or lost, just jumbled around – if something was going to mess around with “aesthetics only”, a theme is a likely candidate (although again I’m just spit balling here, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this happen before). This could also be the result of you logging in on a different browser profile than you’d been using previously. The browsing “profile name” – assuming you didn’t edit/alter it or make additional ones – is Person 1 by default. Can you click the “people” icon and ensure that the browsing profile you’re using is the default profile (Person 1)?

Also, you may want to quickly test to ensure that the issue isn’t recurring. You mention

Lets see if we can make it happen again? Set Brave up the way you would like it to remain (try and be as close to the setup you had before this issue occurred), then shut down/reboot your PC and see if your settings stick or get reverted again.

Let me know what you find out.

I had “Black Black Chrome Theme Neon Green Highlight” from the Chrome store. It had reverted to the Windows colors, which is OK too since I have it set to Dark mode anyway. I just like the active tab to have a very noticeable appearance and what better than skull piercing Neon green? Lol, my eyes are 53 years old now so I need all the help I can get visually.

I am going to use CCleaner one last time, then uninstall it until its needed again, if ever. I use it maybe 5 times a year if that. Not important to me tbh.

I will let you know what happens tomorrow morning. And maybe I will keep the webcam active to catch Wallace in the act of kitty porn. I swear we got him fixed though… Lol

Thought I would chime in real quick with news. The restart this morning was normal, no issues. One thing I noticed that I didn’t initially report was that all the previous permissions that were set long ago seemed to have been lost. So now every website I normally visit is asking me all over again to allow notifications. So another weird symptom from what ever happened Thursday (Friday morning) night.

Uninstalled CCleaner this morning as well. Seems like this issue might be a one off, but then again I might need a lot of time to know for sure.

Thanks again to Mattches for the help and I will update with more info if I discover anything else interesting about this weird issue.


Hello again Mattches,

Looks like I have part of that issue again and I cant figure out why. It started this morning when I got on the PC. All my extensions are just missing from the upper right hand corner except for the Gmail notifier and the Hangouts icon. All the rest have disappeared apparently. I have rebooted twice, turned off the PC for 5 minutes, and I have also disabled/re-enabled all the extensions to no avail. Not sure what to make of this. Images below

How should I proceed to getting back the extensions shortcuts to where they belong (in the upper right hand corner)? Brave is up to date Version 0.68.132 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Just to confirm, the extensions themselves are still installed – correct?

The image directly above your reply obviously shows the extensions installed, lol how else could I have taken that screenshot of my extensions? So, yes as we can see they are installed.

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If you open your main menu on the top right, do you see you extension icons at the top, as displayed in the image below?

If not, can you try the following:

  1. Type Brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag titled #extension-toolbar-menu and set it to Disabled
  3. Make sure you relaunch the browser when prompted.

Let me know if this changes anything on your end.

Yep, all are visible when doing that. Just not visible on the top right extensions bar.

EDIT: Tried Disabled, Default and Enabled. Enabled gives you that Menu as it says it would, but Disabled and Default changes nothing.

EDIT2: Just realized that when I click on the top right menu button, and then click on one of the extension buttons, that particular extension suddenly shows up on the bar, but then disapears after about 1 second. Interesting…

EDIT3: Just wow, if I right click on the Extension in question it gives me a option to “Show on Toolbar” and that puts them all back where they belong. Now the question is why is this browser, or Chrome getting so difficult to use and suddenly changing things on the user? Lol

All fixed now. Thanks again Mattches

Best Regards

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