Sent usdt from binance but the funds doesnt show up in brave wallet

I use the new brave wallet and sent some usdt from my binance account to my brave wallet
The transaction was succeed but nothing happened in my wallet and i already checked the transaction on bscscan and it was succeed too
Please help me this really make me worried about my funds
Did i just lost it all or something??

Can you post the tx ID here

Other users will help you figuring it out, until then double check on your end if you did not do something wrong.
Wrong netwrok, wrong chain etc.

@Anx can you ensure that you have manually added usdt as an asset to your bsc network view on brave wallet ?

You can do this by logging into to your wallet, clicking on binance smart chain and then clicking into ‘adding asset’ and then click add 'custom asset. You then add the token contract address of the coin that you withdrew. You can find these addresses on

So for example, if it was usdt on binance smart chain, then you can look it up here or if it was binance usd you withdrew, you can check details here look for token contract address.

Once you add the asset to brave wallet, you should be able to see your balance.

We are working hard to make this much easier for the user. Stay tuned !


Here my txid
Thanks for your concern mate @chh_68

I opened the link you was shares but i dont get everything like “decimal of Precision” Where did i must search it??

Thanks mate

Once you add in the correct token address, decimals of precision will fill in as well and its normally 8.

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