All my BATS are gone, and i have a lot of ads seen

My BAT are gone a few days ago. I waited, believing it was a mistake, but it’s been 3 days and they still haven’t come back. I leave an image where it shows that I have already seen 175 ads this month.

I hope this will fixed soon.

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Try restarting your browser. This is a known issue and is being actively addressed by the brave team.

I restarted my browser, turned off my pc since yesterday and nothing happened.

I have the same issue, hope you find a solution - let me know if you do!

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Same issue for me,

203 ads viewed and most of my rewards disappeared.
Let’s hope for a fix.

I had also same issue 2 day ago but now my all bat back safely without doing anything.



I had about 2 BAT’s, now i have 0.027… Where are gone all the rest of them?

I have 3 Notebooks (2 mine and 1 my wife), and the same thing happens in all of them.


Is there any solution for this?

I Had about 2 Bat’s, and a lot of ads seen…

Update your browser to currently ver 1.23.75

My browser is updated… always is updated

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