⏳ Alert! Newer Chrome store update Started killing Extensions Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, Make Sure to Follow these tips for continued use of Win 8.1/7


Close all your browser windows after bookmarking all of your opened tabs and then take a backup

Follow this guide


so that if you wreck win 8.1 at some point of time, you will be able to restore it to the current state which you have now… Of course, you will have the ability to install extensions manually but that can be sometime risky, so dont procrastinate and take this alert seriously if you care about your extensions, Do Not Procrastinate.

I am also actively working on Win 11 Supernova by discovering newer tweaks where the end goal is to make the entire win 11 thing(vm environment) feel like its just another app of win 8.1… I will post a guide for this Next week here on Brave Community so if VPN extensions failed to work on chromium 109 due to lack of updates, you can use win 11 vm for specific website use cases.

You can install some extensions for now but even for those extensions, you will see “Add to Brave” button being greyed out soon in the upcoming weeks/months…

For the time being, You can use the extensions which you have already installed now, but if you fail to take a backup now and if you wreck the os at some point of time, you wont be able to install those extensions anymore as you will be just seeing the “Add to Brave” button being greyed out.

Indeed you will have the option of using the VM, but while you have the opportunity to safeguard your favorite extensions to keep using them forever on host os(win 8.1/7), Make use of the opportunity.

Perform a Backup and Store it on Multiple HDDs, Not just one but Multiple HDDs.

Perform Backup in a proper way, Follow that above Reddit link… It has Step by Step guide with Pictures.