Youtube won’t play in background

I loved this web browser since the moment I found it because it is clean, fast and very good bloking ads an other undesired tracking features that for me are just trash and I do not want to listen or see or share and of course because it also uses BAT crypto that is on top of tech. In my opinion It is the best browser ever created even as I was using chrome for years.
One of the main reasons why I used it the most is to listen to youtube the whole day without annoying ads that are exploding this days with so much publicity that is getting crazy all user like me, it works wonderful in android but now on iphone is frustrating that the music just stops and cannot be played in the background
Im not sure if the function was lost or disabled on purpose but I would really love if you can tell me any way to play background videos and audio

Hi @Titanioco,
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Brave for iOS not yet have options to play video in background like what Android version has. We’ve an issue logged for this here


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