YouTube will only airplay audio, not video

Up until last week, I used to be able to airplay YouTube through the Brave app to my Samsung smart TV. For some reason, it stopped air playing video and will only airplay audio now. If I open up the YouTube app itself, both audio and video airplay. What happened? How can this be fixed?

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I’m having the same problem. Started a few days ago and now I think I know why… it seems to work if you force the application to load the desktop version of this YouTube site or if you first put the YouTube clip in a play list and play it from there, then you don’t even need to load the desktop version of the page. Please fix, since it’s quite annoying…

The same thing started happening to me as well earlier this week. I think the cause was the update to iOS 17.1.1, as the issue started happening just after the update.

I’m not even sure the problem is in the Brave itself. I tried opening Youtube from Safari and I’m getting the same symptom.

It’s possible that somehow the iOS 17.1.1 update changed the Safari Webkit engine in a way that Youtube website can somehow prevent video streaming and only stream audio via AirPlay.

Other websites that have embedded video content work correctly both from Safari and Brave (I know that on iOS, Brave is just a wrapper around Safari because Apple does not allow alternative browsers on its platform).

I confirm that requesting a desktop site works around the issue - both in Safari and Brave. Furthermore, in pure Safari, after the desktop site is requested, it’s possible to navigate in a video (rewind or skip forward), while the same does not work in Brave.

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Last week it started working again on mobile site.

I don’t know whether it’s due to a Brave update or a minor iOS update.

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