AirPlay on Brave Mobile doesn’talways work

AirPlay doesn’t seem to work for all video players. It does work for YouTube, but not for the news channel of the public broadcasting company in Belgium (e.g. You can start the video, but the AirPlay icon doesn’t react when tapped.
I use Brave on iPad (Pro).
Does anyone know of a workaround?

Just tested this myself and it looks like I get the same behavior. I’ll reach out to iOS team to see if they’re aware of this issue and/or any workarounds for it.

Are there any other sites you see this issue with? We don’t modify any AirPlay behavior in Brave. Further, I notice that the AirPlay button on that site doesn’t work in Safari either and is likely due to the way the site has setup that button/their media player.

That said, if you play that video in full screen, the native iOS player will open with an AirPlay option that does work when you interact with it.

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