Again, as the previous month, all my Brave Nightly partial earnings dissapear 2-3 days before end of the month, unlike the other browsers. Is this normal? what does it mean?

4,7 BAT dissapeared from my partial earnings, a few minutes ago, again this month in Brave Nightly PC!. Is this normal in that happens in Brave Nightly PC?. I’am using Brave Nightly version 1.52.76 Chromium: 113.0.5672.53 (Build oficial) nightly (64 bits) PC, in Windows 10 Pro.

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I’ll suggest Raising a ticket at

I just came here as I’d noticed my earnings have disappeared on both windows devices running Nightly too.

Same as you, after dissapeared fom my Brave Nightly in PC, the same happened in my Nightly browser in my Android device…

Case number ticket is 192069 and adding that happened the same in my Android device Nightly browser too when i have collected 3,7 BAT +or- approx. at that moment…

same for me. Happening 3-4 times in the last 2 month. And i lost in the same time all my extension, shortcut ,wallet etc… like if im a new user. I need to setup everythings again and again.

Just a FYI, I reported this to Chriscat. I haven’t heard back from them but hoping they have the team looking into it. In the meanwhile, all you can do it create a Rewards Support Ticket at so the teams can investigate each of your situations separately and try to get any BAT that might be missing to you. It also will help bring it to the attention of the Rewards team.

So this was happening on Nightly on 28th of each month and I thought it had just happened again across all devices. But this time instead of seeing nothing at all, I am seeing this which now shows estimated earnings due.

By way of feedback using the attached example, I’d rather see Balance/Estimated earnings reversed so the main thing I see is estimated earnings for the month, not my Uphold balance - didn’t it used to do this? Uphold balance (for me)would be better top-right and small.

Appreciate that might just be me because of the way my wallets are set up (I move and HODL BAT in a different location so the balance is always 0).

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