Reward BAT disappeared after reinstall

I reinstalled my windows 10 and Brave. Now my BAT disappeared.

@e8180kimo That’s correct. If your wallet was verified, you only need to connect your browser to your custodial wallet (Gemini or Uphold) and you should have all of your BAT. If you didn’t have a verified wallet, then your BAT is pretty much gone forever and you’re starting over fresh.

BAT on unverified browsers is saved on the browser. When you do things like reinstall, then you throw all of it away. To quote one of the staff members from Brave:

If you are unverified, your BAT is basically local data on your device. If you reformat your computer, for example, you will lose your BAT…

If you knew you were going to be reinstalling, you could have moved your /brave-browser folder over to a flash drive or something and then used it to restore things. But I’m guessing you didn’t, which means it’s gone. Again…that’s if unverified.

I have a verified gemini account, which I received my reward in January.
But I still don’t see it

@e8180kimo Right, you said you just reinstalled. If you go to your Brave Rewards, does it show you connected or does it say Verify or whatever? I’m assuming if you see nothing, you didn’t hit Verify and then Log In to your Gemini account.

I did connect my Gemini and shows verified. But BAT is 0.

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