After the new Brave update can not open protonmail but can do with Tor

Few days ago Brave updated automatically and since then I can not login to my mail. I can open Tor and enter in to my inbox. I reloaded Brave but this time I lost many config files like bookmarks, passwords, etc. I managed to save many but even I use dark mode and Darkreader I get white web pages like, the page one gets from extension - web store . How can I make downloaded web pages appear like what I set for Brave?

I have been able to find a solution, and a very simple solution, for web page color. But I still can not use Brave for my account. If I use Tor then I can enter my inbox at

are you on pc or on a mobile phone? It works for me. I also use proton…

PC and also phone but without Tor it does not work.

could it be of the land you are in (or your IP is located). I have the feeling that it is blocked from your ISP. If that is the case, I recommend you to download it on a mirror like and on a secure WIFI.

(original would be: )

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