After my 1st month, haven't received my 2 BAT - Now connected a Gemini Account

Good morning everyone, I have installed Brave on my desktop in early August and would receive 2 BAT’s (non verified account) but I haven’t yet.

As I was not receiving, today I created and linked a Gemini account as I thought having a verified account would make the payment earlier, but nothing happened again.

When will I receive those 2 BAT from August - September period? Also, as I’ve connected the Gemini Account, that payment will go there automatically since I still didn’t receive?

Sorry for the long topic, wanted to make It as clear as possible!
Have a nice day and thanks in advance for any help I can get

You’re not alone, I’m facing the same issue > Missing brave rewards after connecting to Gemini from Uphold

Gemini payments are processing today. If you only just linked your wallet today, then you are set to receive your payment to your wallet as a part of the October settlement.

Hi thanks for the quick reply! You mean that I’ll receive in the next month both August - September and September - October together on my Gemini account?

Sorry for the deleted posts thought it wouldn’t work as a reply

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