ADS where is my? and WHY you dont creat a new sistem to appear the Claim button for everybody

Hello Guys! sorry give a problem for you again But I am worried again about the my payments from this march! Let me explain in my smartphone and my laptop and my PC too I received a lot of rewards all together give more than 8,000 BAT everything was going very well until March 1st the month was changed and the BATs that went up to wait for the day to claim were not all examples I received 4,367 BATs on my smartphone but they didn’t go up all the way! how is this possible ? I’m worried because in February it took a long time for me to receive my BAT and I didn’t want it to happen again this month, for 2 years I’ve been using the browser these two months these problems have been happening to me and to other people too, who were not receipts from your BATs. I make a video for you can see what happen. is the link from my laptop brave broswer and this other link… its from my smartphone when I show you the my 4,367 BAT earns. sorry about my english and I hope you can understand me

this is my other browser

and this is my smartphone and nothing of the Claim button appear

and I have the same problem on my tablet too dont appear the CLAIM button and there I have almost 1.000BAT and in January’s earnings I had problems with delay and all my earnings didn’t fall, and this month apparently the same thing is already happening and none of the injured people get a bonus that they said the injured people would win, it’s been a month I didn’t get this bonus in my wallet, another month will pass and by the way we will continue with these problems, I’m worried about my earnings from the ads
I already sent a message for Admin private but I don’t have answer then I am worried

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong.

  1. Payments to verified wallets (which you appear to have) are still processing so you will have to wait until they’re done to receive all payments owed.

  2. Payments to verified wallets will not (nor have they ever) display a claim button. They are deposited into your custodial account directly.

  3. Any earning discrepancies are likely explained by unreconciled ads. It basically means that you earned from it, but the ads aren’t reconciled by the time the payment period starts. So for example, if you earn .05 BAT at the end of the payment period, that BAT may take a couple days to be reconciled (maybe “processed” is an easier to understand term) — which means it doesn’t actually count towards what you earned this month and you’ll instead earn it next month.
    So the estimated earnings you’re seeing up until this point have included these BAT that were not yet reconciled — so when your final payout balance for the month is calculated, its a mismatch between what was estimated and what is actually earned. The issue I linked to above resolves this, such that it only shows fully “processed” ads/BAT.

Hope this helps.

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Here is an update-

I also got to claim last month on my verified wallet with Uphold. And I think this is quicker as BATs are drained soon after claiming as compared to additional 1-4 days currently on direct deposites to custodian account.

I understand @Mattches ok if you said me that it’s ok I will wait the process, yeah I I have my smartphone’s browser verified and my two PC’s browser verified too, I will also verify my wallet on my tablet, since I can use my uphold wallet in 4 devices browsers :+1: :pray: I hope that others payments could be more fast possible like was before.
I don’t know how to do it, but think of a way to do it for the next payments in the future, release payments by regions like I say. thanks

hello @Mattches today my earnings messages disappeared and they were not credited to my uphold wallet, again in the old days when the claim buttons appeared while the wallet was connected I didn’t have these delay problems. I aways sent my prints for help you understand my my concerns and my complaints, last month happen the same problem previous month I received for the three browsers and this month only one. I spend a lot of time to collect all these earnings online by browsing and I am worried about


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