Claim button missing both in Android and desktop

I was waiting the last days to receive the earned BAT at 6 of July. Today it appears that my payment will be in 6 of August and I still haven´t received my BAT in my Uphold account. The same is happening in my Android.
Both of Brave versiones are updated so I don´t know where the problem lies…
Please somebody help and THANKS in advance!

Everybody seems to have the same problem and they have not received the payments to see advertising and the claim button does not come out.

Wait for the day to end. In the USA it is still night. I have received payments on the morning of the 7th in Europe because in the US it was still the 6th.

Same problem with me :persevere: #brave-rewards #support-and-troubleshooting

Closed as duplicate of MEGATHREAD: July 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support