When do I get the "Claim your ad earnings now!" button on my PC and Android versions?

Today is December 6th, Brave Rewards payment date. But “Claim your ad earnings now!” button is not showing up on my browsers. When do I get the “Claim your ad earnings now!” button and collect my payments? Or am I late?


I have the same problem here.


wait for 1 more day…the button will definitely appear


Same for me! Maybe we should wait for a few more days


The button still doesn’t appear.


you have vertified wallet so your bat will automatic send to your uphold account and no claim button

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I haven’t received it yet on my uphold account.

just wait guys the claim button will come to you sooner , for those with wallet verified connected will NOT HAVE CLAIM BUTTON because BAT will transfer to your uphold wallet directly.
i not have wallet verified and got claim button .

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I am also facing the same issue. I didnt receive the claim till now and today is 9/12/2020. How much time it will take more @steeven @Mattches Please respond fast. Is this joke ?? or what??? This is the first time brave is doing like this… Cant believe this…

Same. It’s like they’re joking. I’ve been sending DMs and opening threads about my issue for 3 days and they haven’t done anything to give me my BAT. What kind of support team is that?

Yup you are right. They are not responding to the issue.

Hearing Crickets…

Hello, this seems like a massive problem, the administration must keep an eye on those payments, I have several friends who did not get the button to claim payment.
Hope the administrators can help solve the problem.

The truth is that I thought it was only happening to my group of friends, but I see that it is something general. They have the same problem that is explained here, they have some wallets with no connection to which a claim button has not appeared and some connected to which nothing arrived in Uphold and look at the date that is …

It’s a shame, some are thinking of disabling the rewards, I just hope that a solution is reached.

It hurts that the payment system still does not work well and that many remain without their payment. I hope that soon the brave team will solve this problem that affects many users every month.


Yup its hurts. The main thing is that they are not responding to a single person on the community. So many people are facing the same issue.

Did you get the pending rewards???

I find that brave failed to process payments from verified wallets and unverified wallets many people without payments. Can you rectify if there are pending payments or have all been processed?

@steeven When will they have a solution to these problems? The date that is and we still have not received the payment to many users, please give us an answer

He won’t. He will tell you to send information at best and you won’t even get a feedback. Worst support team ever.