Ads stopped showing - June 2020

June is about to end and I have not received any Ads this month. Everything works perfectly fine last month.

Ads notifications received this month: 0 :sob:

Brave rewards is enabled.
Maximum of 5 ads per hour.
I’m from the US.
App notification is enable.

I read this prior to posting but can’t find the problem.

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Can you check and see if Brave appears in the list of apps allowed to send you notifications? In Windows Settings --> Notifications and Actions,

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Yes. I already checked prior to posting.

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Do you have funds already in your Uphold wallet that appears to be verified based on your screenshot?

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The browser showed ads yesterday but it doesn’t show any ads today. Windows focus assist setting is off, notifications setting is on and brave is listed.

I have version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Wallet created: 6/24/2020

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im having the same issue, checked notifications, reinstalled. Literally stopped 3 evenings ago and had not one. Im from the UK though.

I’ve been receiving between 6 and 10 ads per day until the night of 23th of june.

since then, no ads :frowning:

Other than OP – If you’re chiming in on this thread because you also have issues viewing ads (or ads not displaying), please open your own thread on Community with all the necessary information so that we can properly address it.

Thank you.

I received the funds for the previous month and already moved it to another wallet. My Uphold wallet is currently empty.

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