Brave Browser has Stopped Showing Ads

Brave Browser has stopped showing ads over the last few days. I have received ads in the past, but for some reason these have now stopped since 16/08/2020

I am in the UK
My version is 1.12.112 Chromium: 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I am on Windows 10 which has been set to show notifications from Brave
I have done the HTML5 test using the website and have received a notification
In Brave rewards settings I have ads enabled and set to 5 ads per hour

I recently deleted my history to clear the cache and had Windows 10 install updates. Could either of these have caused the problem?

I’ve been reading a few topics and it would seem that a lof of people aren’t getting ads at all, so I don’t think it’s a problem with your system.
In my case, I moved from W10 to Pop_OS (Linux) at the start of the month when I still hadn’t received any ads yet after receiving my previous month earnings on my uphold account.
Everything was working fine and I received a few ads a day.
Not even 2 days later, after moving to Pop_OS, I decided to move back to W10, so I exported my wallet details again and reformatted the computer back to W10.
Back on W10 I recovered my wallet, and the BAT for the ads that I had already received on Linux are gone, and I haven’t received a single ad ever since.
My notifications are also not the issue, as I can receive them from other websites as usual.
I believe it’s already over 2 weeks with 0 ads since I moved back to W10 from Linux…
Also, last month was my 1st month of using Brave, and I would only get a few ads a day, if at all (had a few streaks of days with no ads, and the most I ever got in one day I believe was 5 or 6), and, for some reason, they would usually come very late at night (after midnight and later)…

Try downloading nightly version, if you really want ads, some users with this issue report (since july) that in some cases that channel receive ads while stable no. But is not 100% sure.

As for the “not receiving ads”, well, this started since july with lots of reports, and well, they are still working on a fix. Be patient, is a lot of work to check errors on a system like this.

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