Issue: ads not showing for windows 10, brave beta { JULY 2020 }

issue: ads not showing for windows 10, brave beta

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We all are having the same issues

Hi @pushkar56,
How long have you’ve not seen ads?
Is your Brave Beta updated?
Have you read our ads FAQ?

Yep. MANY people are having this issue. I haven’t received an ad for the windows 10 version of Brave for July as well. It worked fine prior to the June payout beginning in July. Oddly enough, I downloaded and tested the android version on my phone and that works. However, I do all my browsing and work on my desktop. As far as I know, nobody at Brave has yet to address this BIG issue. Can we at least get word of a fix or something, please?

The fact that ads stop coming for days or come less I summarize it in:

Contracts with advertisers end and users stop receiving ads. Contracts with advertisers have an expiration date since they pay to show their advertising, if they do not renew or there are no new advertisers, users do not see ad notifications.

zero ads in july(windows 10) (brave Version 1.13.54 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)]

i have the same issue for almost 3 months. i tried everything and i mean i tried every solution write in this forum and on reddit but nothing have work :frowning:
beside this in my android phone ads working as expected

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