Ads not showing up for ~10-15 days & rewards per ad dropped A LOT

Some reason my ads stopped showing up. I get no notifications and I see there are no new ads posted to my account, so I’m not missing them.

I also noticed a real change in how I was being paid. I had around $7-8 worth of BAT for the month and then it dropped to ~$2.50-3.00. IDK what the valuation of BAT was at the time, but I the value of those already in my account stayed just about the same if not only a few cents off, so there is no way that my 10 BAT (like $5.20 before & after) in my wallet could stay the same amount while the value of the BAT in my (yet to be paid) monthly rewards fell by almost 66% or more. I thought this happened the month before, but I thought I had just looked at things wrong, but now I’m positive it is what I saw, IDK how I would imagine the exact same thing and then 30 days later, it happens again, unless that is what is happening.

The value of BAT continually fluctuates with the market. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your pending rewards or in your Brave wallet or in some other crypto wallet (including Uphold). You can see the current market price of BAT here:

If you’re no longer getting ads, read these articles for possible causes:


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